Building Employee Loyalty to Xylem

2015 Xylem Sustainability Report Spotlight
Jul 29, 2016 9:05 AM ET

As featured in the 2015 Xylem Sustainability Report | Building Employee Loyalty…

Employee retention and engagement is a vital element in building an enduring company. With our new Career Frameworks tool, employees now get detailed direction from their managers about the competencies they need to succeed in their current job or to be considered for the next step in their career journey within Xylem. In 2015 Xylem provided two types of training to help managers engage their employees in the Career Frameworks program. During the year, approximately 75 percent of all Xylem managers took part in technical training on how to use Career Frameworks and/or training on how to operate as a coach when having development discussions with their employees. We have also designed a Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement program to drive a “productivity for growth” mindset within Xylem. In 2015, 139 members of our Extended Leadership Group and 31 Subject Matter Experts participated in the program.

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About Xylem
Xylem is a leading global water technology company committed to “solving water” by creating innovative solutions to meet the world’s water needs.   The Company’s products and services move, treat, analyze, and return water to the environment, in public utility, residential and commercial building services, industrial and agricultural settings. 

As water security becomes a more urgent global priority, Xylem is helping customers invest in water and wastewater infrastructure that solves their water challenges in three key areas: water productivity, the efficient movement, treatment and use of clean water; water quality, the cost-efficient and sustainable management and renewal of wastewater; and water resilience, helping communities prepare for and recover from water-related risks.

Xylem does business in more than 150 countries through a number of market-leading product brands, and its 12,500 employees bring broad applications expertise with a strong focus on identifying comprehensive, sustainable solutions.