Brothers Find New Life, Full of Love, After Adoption

May 24, 2018 11:00 AM ET
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There are many myths about foster care adoption. The truth is, anyone can adopt from foster care if they can provide a safe, loving environment for a child. Single parents, same sex couples or families who rent an apartment or home are all eligible to adopt from foster care.

Sharon decided to become a foster parent with the encouragement of her 10-year-old son, Jameson, who wished for siblings. His wish came true when Sharon adopted Djimon and Curie. Djimon joined their family at 17 months old and Curie at 10 months old. Although they were young, they had experienced both neglect and abuse, and harbored feelings of fear, anger and uncertainty. But today, they are thriving. Sharon shared, “With love and patience, these children can overcome their challenges.”

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption has ONE mission: to dramatically increase the number of adoptions from foster care. Children like Dijmon and Curie deserve to be in loving families, to grow up with a childhood full of fun and safety, not worry and doubt. The Foundation’s signature adoption program, called Wendy’s Wonderful Kids supplies funds to local adoption agencies to hire adoption recruiters to help find families for children waiting in foster care. Our program focuses on children who are older, sibling groups or children with special needs.

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