Brightside, Brown-Forman Renew Partnership to Plant Trees

Brown-Forman provides $25,000 to plant trees in West Louisville
Jan 7, 2014 3:30 PM ET

The Brown-Forman Corp. is renewing its partnership with Brightside by donating $25,000 to plant more trees in West Louisville. Since 2001, the Brightside/Brown-Forman Legacy Tree Program has planted more than 1,000 trees in the city.

The program focuses on planting trees in the neighborhoods surrounding Brown-Forman’s corporate campus. Areas targeted include the Russell neighborhood, the area immediately surrounding the African American Heritage Foundation Center, and areas south of the Brown-Forman campus along Kentucky Street and Garland Avenue.

Last week, more than 30 trees were planted in the 2200-2700 block of Garland.

The program also provides an opportunity to educate neighbors about the value of trees. Informative door hangers are placed at homes adjacent to where trees are planted recognizing the trees as a gift from Brown-Forman and sharing valuable tips on how to care for them.

The plantings made possible by the Brightside/Brown-Forman program are part of Mayor Greg Fischer’s overall goal of planting 10,000 trees citywide. Private dollars, such as the Brown-Forman donation, are leveraged against $250,000 appropriated in this year’s city budget for new tree plantings.

Trees benefit a neighborhood in several ways, such as improving air quality, decreasing utility costs by reducing heat, and helping build community pride by providing quality green space.


About Brightside

Since 1986, Brightside has worked successfully throughout Louisville to educate and engage our citizens as active participants in our environmental stewardship programs.

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