Breaking Barriers: Kimberly Parris Redefines Culinary Entrepreneurship With ’Cuterie by the CaribDiva Company This National Women’s Small Business Month

Oct 12, 2023 5:05 PM ET
Kimberly Parris, Founder of 'Cuterie by The CaribDiva Company
Kimberly Parris, Founder of 'Cuterie by The CaribDiva Company

Kimberly Parris is the passionate Founder of 'Cuterie by The CaribDiva Company, a pioneering snack and prepared food subscription box brand committed to bridging the equity gap for underrepresented food entrepreneurs.

“I’ve always wanted to make a difference, to highlight others like me, as a Black woman, in spaces that rarely featured us. Throughout my career, I became an unintentional trailblazer, in that I was almost always the only Black woman chef in the restaurants I worked for. In my last restaurant, I became the first Black woman chef de cuisine they’d ever had, and I realized that my experience could not possibly be unique,” said Kimberly.

Kimberly's inspiring journey, marked by innovation and inclusivity, experienced a pivotal moment when she participated in the Sky’s the Limit Pitch Event sponsored by Accenture. Here, mentors from Accenture and Dow collaborated to refine her presentation before the pitch competition.

The collaboration with mentors from Accenture and Dow was instrumental in fine-tuning Kimberly's approach, equipping her with the confidence and expertise needed to secure the first position in the competition. Their support not only helped her refine her pitch but also paved the way for the hard launch of 'Cuterie by The CaribDiva Company.

“Kristine Pelletier, Senior Technology Delivery Leader at Accenture and Amy Peters, Solutions Delivery Leader at Dow were my mentors as part of the pitch competition. They were great cheerleaders, but they also weren't afraid to let me know where I could tweak certain things, which was wonderful. With Kristine and Amy's help, I placed 1st in the pitch competition,” said Kimberly.

'Cuterie by The CaribDiva Company stands as a testament to the power of mentorship, collaboration, and resilience. Kimberly, with the support of mentors from Accenture and Dow, is transforming her dream into a business that not only curates innovative and fun snacking options but also provides a platform for underrepresented entrepreneurs. Through her dedication, she continues to spotlight local BIPOC and women-owned businesses, fostering a community of support and collaboration that shapes the future of the culinary industry.

“As we celebrate National Women's Small Business Month, Kimberly Parris and 'Cuterie by The CaribDiva Company serve as an inspiring example of what happens when entrepreneurs are nurtured, empowered, and supported. There are no limits to what can be achieved,” said Laura Plato, Chief Operating Officer at Sky’s the Limit.

Read more about Kimberly’s inspiring success story and her organization here.

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