One Veteran’s Journey: Sean Kovarovic, a Founder on a Holistic Health Mission

Nov 2, 2023 6:10 PM ET
Sean Kovarovic, Founder of Wu De Health & Combat (wdhc)
Sean Kovarovic, Founder of Wu De Health & Combat (wdhc)

November 2, 2023 /3BL/ - Sean Kovarovic is the Founder of Wu De Health & Combat (wdhc), a one-stop holistic health and preventative medicine shop that anyone can afford. Sean's journey from military service to entrepreneurship is a testament to his unwavering determination and passion for making a difference in the community.

After leaving the Army with debilitating knee injuries, Sean Kovarovic found solace and healing in Taijiquan (commonly referred to as Tai Chi) – a traditional practice of relaxed, circular movements that works with breath regulation and cultivating a righteous and neutral mind. His remarkable recovery inspired him to share the benefits of holistic health practices with others.

"I have seen amazing results teaching Taijiquan, and I would love to share that with the world," said Sean. With a vision to promote morality, health, and self-defense, Sean founded Wu De Health & Combat, a nonprofit dedicated to improving lives through accessible holistic health solutions.

One of Sean's key supporters on his entrepreneurial journey has been his Sky’s the Limit mentor Paige Ogawa, a Strategy and Consulting Senior Analyst at Accenture. Facing the challenge of funding his venture, Sean turned to Paige, who has a passion for empowering small businesses stemming from her own experience growing up with her family’s business. Together, they developed a compelling pitch that garnered attention and recognition.

"Paige helped me with how to format and use my pitch deck to send emails to businesses to request funding. As a result, my pitch deck brought me funding opportunities," said Sean.

Sean received the Leader of the Year award at the Health 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas, an accolade which not only acknowledged his achievements, but also opened doors to additional funding opportunities.

Sean emphasizes the importance of persistence and overcoming obstacles as an entrepreneur. "Never give up! You will face obstacles. Change your thinking until you can move past it. If you are persistent, you will make it," encourages Sean to fellow entrepreneurs just starting out.

This Veterans Day, Sean Kovarovic's story serves as a reminder of the resilience of veterans and their ability to create positive change in the world.

Read more about Sean’s inspiring success story and Wu De Health & Combat here.

To further celebrate Veterans Day and his achievements and inspire others, Sky's the Limit will be hosting the highly anticipated Limitless! premiere featuring the founder himself. Limitless! is a groundbreaking series where entrepreneurs can share their experiences, insights, and strategies for success. This episode will provide a unique opportunity for attendees to learn from Sean’s remarkable journey, gain valuable knowledge, connect with like-minded individuals, and gain insights into building successful businesses around passion and overcoming challenges. More details can be found here.

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