The Bias Within All of Us

By Antoine Andrews, Symantec's Director, Global Diversity and Inclusion
Apr 17, 2015 9:00 AM ET

Who me, biased? Yes, you. Well not just you, all of us.

Most of you are probably thinking – I am the exception. I know I thought that when I first heard this. However, through my role as a diversity leader I have been challenged to think about equality and diversity differently, to seek out the latest research on what drives inequalities in our company, our industry and society.

Here is what some of the research tells us about the way we think and process information:

According to a 2014 Fast Company article “You're faced with around 11 million pieces of information at any given moment…..The brain can only process about 40 of those bits of information and so it creates shortcuts and uses past knowledge to make assumptions.”

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