Beyond Gourmet Sandwiches and Into Full-Scale Community Support: GD Bro Burger

Aug 25, 2020 1:00 PM ET
Campaign: Tech for Good

Signal Hill, just south of Los Angeles, is lucky to have Hue Nguyen and his devoted crew of apprentice cooks, caterers, runners, and organizers. As the owner of GD Bro Burger, Hue has expanded his operation over the past few months — far beyond gourmet sandwiches and into full-scale community support — with the help of nonprofits, like-minded businesses, and digital technology.

As hours increased for healthcare workers, and others struggled to find reliable sources of prepped meals — as well as daily staples like eggs, bottled water, and cleaning supplies — the GD Bro Burger team stepped up for the community in an impactful way. Hue has not only helped to keep at-risk youth gainfully employed, but he’s also organized donations to local nonprofits, and expanded his delivery service to bring curbside meal kits and online grocery deliveries to hard-working health caregivers — along with many Signal Hill and Long Beach families who are home-bound.

Check out this video to see how Hue and his team at GD Bro Burger have stepped up to help improve quality-of-life for people in his community.

(Note: some video footage shot before mask mandates went into effect)