The Benefits of Putting Our Feminism Into Our Finances

Apr 11, 2023 9:00 AM ET

by Kristin Hull, CEO of Nia Impact Capital

Investing with a Gender Lens is not new. Many of us have been at this for a while now. And yet 2023 is the year we stand to make significant progress in bringing more balance to both our finances and to corporate America and beyond. As a woman, I value efficiency, and as a female portfolio manager, I love the win-win that using a gender lens brings to our investment process. 

Gender lens investing is an approach to investment due diligence that seeks to incorporate gender considerations into investment decision-making. This process can involve investing in companies that include products or services beneficial to women or girls, that prioritize gender equality and women’s empowerment, and/or that have women in leadership positions. Looking for gender balance can literally entail counting the women in the C-suite, or on a board of directors.

Investing with an eye for equality, as a way to enhance portfolio decisions, means incorporating women as important factors for running a company–both because these are important societal goals, and because diversity and inclusion can be de-risking factors.

Investing with a gender lens can be a source of alpha, bringing financial benefits to investors including: Higher returns, Lower risk, Greater innovation, Improved corporate governance, Increasing demand and more. 

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