Ben & Jerry’s: Why Brands Taking Stands is Smart Business

by Jan Lee
Sep 14, 2017 9:05 AM ET
Ben & Jerry’s launched its successful campaign flavor Empower Mint in North Carolina, to promote social justice and voting rights.

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Few brands are as famous for their social activism than Ben & Jerry’s. The Vermont ice cream maker with global revenues of more than $1.2 billion (2015) is as much known for its social conscience as for its creamy, irresistible ice cream flavors. Pick a flavor and chances are you’ll walk away with more than just a good feeling in your tummy: You’ll feel you’re making a statement.

The carefully-chosen names of flavors like Empower Mint and Fossil Fuel ice cream help to send a message to consumers about Ben & Jerry’s values. A mint ice cream with a name that subtly reminds its fans about the importance of social justice and voting rights gets attention. And so does a rich concoction of fudge dinosaurs and chocolate ribbon when it becomes a conversation starter for why Alaska’s arctic wilderness shouldn’t be drilled.

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