Being the Constant in a World of Change

Jul 26, 2017 11:00 AM ET


“I was a little nervous at first, but knowing Sandy, I had no doubt that she would find me a good family. And just having that thought in your head gives you a great sense of comfort and belonging.”

Tyler was adopted from foster care when he was 9 years old. Now as an 18 year old young man, ready to head off to college, he looks back on the relationship he built with his Wendy’s Wonderful Kids adoption recruiter. The woman he calls his ally and trusted friend was the constant in a life full of changes when he was in foster care. Now, almost a decade after Tyler’s adoption was finalized, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption brought them together to talk about the journey they took together.

Their story is just one of more than 6,300 adoption stories the Foundation has helped create through our Wendy’s Wonderful Kids adoption program. Our approach is child-focused and up to three times more effective in finding loving homes for children who have waited the longest to be adopted.

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