Behind the Wheel: The Goodwood Estate, in the Fast Lane for Sustainable Growth

Behind the Wheel: The Goodwood Estate, in the Fast Lane for Sustainable Growth

CNH Industrial is an Official Partner to the Goodwood Estate, supplying a range of equipment to one of Europe’s largest lowland organic farms.


What does the English ancestral home to the Dukes of Richmond have in common with one of the largest capital goods companies in the world? The Goodwood Estate and CNH Industrial: two global, multi-faceted businesses with a reputation for excellence in their various fields are committed to finding new, innovative and sustainable ways of working. Nowhere does this become more apparent than on Goodwood’s own Home Farm. Find out how an unlikely pairing became a successful partnership in the latest Behind the Wheel webisode:

Monday, May 13, 2019 - 3:00pm

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The Goodwood name is synonymous with some of the most glamorous and iconic sporting events in the world but behind the scenes, working tirelessly to support the Estate, is its very own fully organic farm. Sustainability and organic farming are amongst Goodwood’s core values, values which are shared by CNH Industrial (NYSE: CNHI /MI: CNHI), a company at the forefront in the development and implementation of alternative fuel vehicles, precision farming and telematic solutions. The Company’s brands CASE Construction Equipment, New Holland Agriculture and IVECO are all involved in the partnership with Goodwood, from tractors to combines, from excavators to wheel loaders, to supplying commercial vehicles – no other single company could support all of the Estate’s varied vehicle needs.

Nestling in the rolling hills of the South Downs near the south coast of England, the farm has one of Britain’s first 100% organically fed dairy herds, and is also home to a flock of sheep, suckler cows and pigs. A “closed loop” system has been created where all the fodder for the animals is grown on the farm which in turn also runs its own butchery, bottles its own milk and makes its own cheeses. Most of the farm’s produce is delivered to the restaurants on the Estate and around the South East of the UK as well as used at the various sporting events.

This latest episode of Behind the Wheel shows the partnership at work and demonstrates how CNH Industrial’s brands are working together with Goodwood to help increase efficiency, productivity and sustainability on the Estate:

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