Banorte Recognized as an "ESR" Socially Responsible Company by CEMEFI

Apr 19, 2011 12:00 PM ET
Campaign: Valor Social
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(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) México City - April 2011 - Grupo Financiero Banorte performed commercial and service operations with the high standards required to earn the 2011 Distinction award as a "ESR" Socially Responsible Enterprise, granted by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI).

Banorte complied with all aspects of Social Responsibility required by CEMEFI, such as, business ethics, company’s quality of life, community vinculation and environment.   Mr. Alejandro Garay Chief Operations Officer, accepted the recognition from CEMEFI at the 2011 Fourth Latin American Encounter of Socially Responsible Enterprises. During this event, Ms. Mayra Hernandez Head of Corporate Responsibility participated as a panelist at the conference, part of the event’s framework.     Ms. Hernandez said that, “for Grupo Financiero Banorte being recognized as an SRE does not only imply the recognition of its socially responsible practices on those aspects; it also reflects a collective analysis of the areas we have to work on, and to quantify results in such areas, in order to improve on them.”   The executive stated that, “for those of us who are part of Banorte, it is a matter of pride to have complied with CEMEFI’s standards; and it is encouraging to continue representing what an SRE is, and what is expected of it; both, for our own and for Mexico’s development.”   The assessment applied by CEMEFI allowed Banorte to detect areas of opportunity and, with that, to propose new ideas, thus, bringing about awareness on the need to implement actions to improve our organization, as well as the community to which Banorte offers its products and services.”   It is worth mentioning that Social Responsibility at Banorte was implemented starting since 1991, with the emergence of the Patronato Banorte A. B. P. (the Banorte Board)  (today, Fundación Banorte A. B. P. – Banorte Foundation), and is based on a strategy supported, with balance, on four pillars: Community Commitment, Environmental Responsibility, Equality and Governance, and Value Chain.   Among the most recent activities, we incorporated the “Círculo PyME” (small and medium-size companies’ circle) in the section of Social Responsibility within this area; a comprehensive service for Small and Medium size companies, including the benefits of implementing CSR, such as community support and natural resources preservation, among others..   Likewise, an Integral System for Energy Control was implemented. It entails air condition units’ replacement and an automated control system for electrical loads, for lighting and light equipment. We also increased the use of meeting rooms for videoconferences, in order to curtail travelling; which has an impact on CO2 reduction. And we installed eco-friendly bathrooms at the Santa Fe corporate offices in Mexico City. Listen Read phonetically Dictionary - See detailed dictionary   GFB13290