“Banorte” and “Los 40 Principales Mexico” Donate Ps 1.75 Million to Social Causes

“Banorte” and “Los 40 Principales Mexico” Donate Ps 1.75 Million to Social Causes

GFNorte, Fundacion Banorte and Los 40 Principales Mexico unite to support social causes

GFNorte, Fundacion Banorte and Los 40 Principales Mexico unite to support social causes


  • For a second consecutive year, the financial institution, with the backing of Fundacion Banorte, and the radio station support organizations working for the environment, health, and empowerment of women or in support of the community.
  • The donated amount comes from a percentage of the annual billings realized from “Tarjeta 40” cardholders.
  • Patronato Pro Zona Mazahua, A. C.; Amigos de Sian Ka’an, A. C.; Hope Worldwide México, I.A.P, and Tequio y Conocimiento, A.C. were beneficiaries of the donation.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015 - 9:00am

CAMPAIGN: Valor Social

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Grupo Financiero Banorte and the radio station Los 40 Principales Mexico successfully maintain the strategic alliance that began in May 2013 and which gave rise to the co-branded Tarjeta 40 credit card - after increasing the number of beneficiary organizations and the amount of donations granted this year.

On this occasion the donation was obtained from a percentage of the purchases made with the card from June 1st, 2014 to May 31st, 2015, totaling Ps 750 million, which will benefit four organizations chosen on this occasion by the radio station’s listening audience who voted through www.tarjeta40.com

The organizations selected this year by Banorte and Televisa Radio and supported by Fundacion Banorte for voting by the public were: Patronato Pro Zona Mazahua, A.C., which received Ps 1 million with the most votes, while Amigos de Sian Ka’an, A.C.; Hope Worldwide Mexico, I.A.P., and Tequio y Conocimiento, A.C. received Ps 250,000 each.    

The Banorte foundation also supported the entire process by providing advice to the beneficiary organizations and acting as the link between them and Banorte and Los 40 Principales, as well as punctual follow-up of the application of the donation funds.

In this manner, Patronato Pro Zona Mazahua, A.C. will allocate donation funds to the development, training and generation of income for indigenous women through the productive transformation of local foods in the states of Mexico, Chiapas and Campeche. The donation will make it possible to have a place equipped to develop value-added products and competitive advantages in order to be able to offer the products in different points of sale.

Moreover, Amigos de Sian Ka’an, A.C. will apply its resources to the conservation of Quintana Roo’s coral reef. It will provide educational campaigns in the media, workshops for good diving practices for ecotourism cooperatives, management training for wastewater treatment plants, drainage connections of 500 houses in the Riviera Maya and sanitation systems in 3 Mayan communities, as well as the implementation of a marine system in Playa del Carmen.

The Hope Worldwide Mexico, I.A.P. project which will benefit aims to provide first-class medical and dental care to people living in poverty and extreme poverty and who have no health services in the vicinity of their communities. The donation will help improve the medical dental mobile unit in service, in addition to acquiring drugs, equipment and instrumentation.

Tequio y Conocimiento, A.C., which promotes sustainable development processes in the most vulnerable regions of the country, will use its donated funds to help people in extreme poverty and primary school children in 8 indigenous and rural communities in four states of Mexico, with the construction of wood-burning stoves, integral water-saving and solar energy systems, dry toilets with solar heaters and water storage tanks, among other installations.

It should be noted that in addition, the Tarjeta 40 credit card also offers benefits for young cardholders, such as travel insurance, security against possible charges resulting from card theft or loss, flexibility to control and manage expenses easily through Internet or a mobile phone, promotions in stores and preferred access for concerts, movie theatre tickets, events, visits to live programs and all the experiences that the radio station promotes. In this manner, Banorte and Los 40 Principales Mexico endorse their alliance, since Tarjeta 40 is the first financial instrument for many young people, allowing, on the one hand, the generation of a financial education on the best use of resources and credit and, on the other hand, supporting causes in the community, encouraging social consciousness among cardholders.