Back to School: How Keysight Supports Student Success

By Lea M. Baylis | Corporate Community Engagement Manager
Oct 3, 2022 10:15 AM ET

Keysight Blog

As students around the world head back to school, I have been thinking about how much effort it really takes to be ready for school. As anyone who has ever been to school knows, preparing for that first day of school each year requires physical, mental and emotional preparation. Raising a child takes a whole village, and everyone in a community has a role to play in supporting our youth, including corporations.

At Keysight the way we engage with students on their educational journey reflects the values of our Keysight Leadership Model, specifically, our emphasis on acting as One Keysight and championing Social Responsibility.

I recently had the opportunity to check in with my Keysight colleagues around the world to learn about some of the ways we as a company are helping students this back-to-school season, and I was pleased to learn of the many ways we invest in our communities to help students get ready for school.

  • In India, Keysight supported building school infrastructure in three rural villages, which enabled a phenomenal increase in enrollments and getting students back to school. Keysight India also commissioned a first-of-its-kind solar powered smart classroom and computer lab set up in two rural in two rural government schools, bringing modern and interactive learning methodologies to students in the region.
  • In Malaysia, Keysight employees held a Back-to-School Donation Drive to help children get ready for the new school year. They raised money to benefit students from six charitable homes in Penang to purchase uniforms, school bags, and shoes.
  • In Spain, Keysight employees collaborate with an association that takes care of students at social risk of exclusion to support mental stability in their return to the school environment.
  • Here in the U.S. at our corporate headquarters in Santa Rosa, CA, Keysight sponsored a Children’s Shopping Spree event that distributed free back to school supplies for students to better equip them for their first day of school. The goal of the event was to help students start the new year with confidence and the tools necessary for success, while offering some relief for parents who may struggle to meet the added financial burden of purchasing back to school supplies and clothes for their kids.

Keysight supports the critical work of educating the next generation by engaging with programs readying students for success. Whether through building infrastructure, donating funds for school fees, sponsoring school supply drives, or supporting social emotional learning Keysight’s investments in education are helping communities prepare for the future.

There is an ongoing need for collaboration between communities, schools, businesses, and social service groups to ensure that all children have access to quality education. Looking at the various ways Keysight supports educational programs around the world gives me hope for the next generations. Regardless of whether we have children of our own, we are all invested in the outcomes for students in our communities.