Anything You Could Want to Know About Conflict Minerals Compliance

Source Intelligence offers expansive white paper library
Dec 20, 2013 3:15 PM ET
Campaign: Conflict Minerals

If you want to know anything about conflict mineral reporting, there is only one place to turn, the Source Intelligence white paper library. There you will find information from leading experts in all areas of compliance.  Included in the library are papers on product filtering, RCOI, due diligence and data assessment.  

In the product filtering white paper you will learn why tracking down information for conflict minerals compliance is no easy task. The goal of product filtering is to reduce the scope of your efforts by only looking at those products that likely contain 3TG. Performing this task will not only reduce your burden and costs but will also reduce the requirements necessary for your suppliers as well. Source Intelligence has experience across industries, from retail to pharma, at identifying which products need to be investigated.

In the RCOI white paper you will learn that your reasonable country of origin inquiry needs to be just that: reasonable. While at times you may have to rely on the information provided by your suppliers, or suppliers further up the supply chain, you must always do so with an eye for invalid information. Do the countries listed as the source of your materials actually have reserves of 3TG that could meet your needs? Source Intelligence has been working hard to understand these key pieces of information. That way, they will know if follow up will be necessary, and if so, what questions should be asked.

In the due diligence white paper you will learn that if the 3TG going into your products are being sourced from the covered countries, the next step of due diligence must begin. In many ways you must quickly become an expert about the situation on the ground in the area. Which traders have a reputation of dealing with armed groups in the area? How are materials moving around? At the same time you must begin to put more robust internal management systems into place to track and monitor your supply chains. The Source Intelligence platform is one of the most robust systems that exists today for monitoring supply chains, tracking not just the responses of your suppliers but also external information about companies within your supply chains. 

In the data assessment and assurance white paper you will find out if situations reported by your suppliers match realistic world circumstances? Are all of the companies listed as smelters, recyclers or refiners actually performing these tasks, or are they perhaps instead a solder manufacturer? Experts at Source Intelligence can help you ask the right questions-and answer them. Working across hundreds of customers and tens of thousands of suppliers has allowed us to become experts not just on supply chains, but on the realities of the 3TG world. This industry experience will expedite efforts, provide you an accurate risk assessment and reduce your overall exposure.

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