Announcing Twitter Chat: “the Skills Mismatch: Approaching a Collective Strategy” With the Dow Chemical Company, Sap, Dreamoval Foundation, and Making Cents International

When & Where: Wed, 10/4 at 11 AM, ET on #GEFlive
Sep 27, 2017 10:00 AM ET

Announcing Twitter Chat: “the Skills Mismatch: Approaching a Collective Strateg…

When: Wed, 10/4, 11 AM, ET Where: #GEFlive on Twitter 

The “skills mismatch” challenge is overwhelming. The proportion of youth that is both unemployed and without formal education or training has continued a steep upward trend since 2008. In spite of the swelling population of youth ready to begin their careers, thousands of employers are having a difficult time filling open positions. 

There is appetite to address this complex challenge from leading employers, youth development specialists, government representatives, and social enterprises. The solutions seem evident, yet with so many efforts in the field, why does a solution continue to escape us? 

Join the #GEFlive TWITTER CHAT: Approaching a Collective Strategy 

Following on the heels of the Global Engagement Forum: Live (GEF: Live)—a convening that focused on cross-sector collaboration for solvable problems—join the Dow Chemical Company, SAP, DreamOval Foundation from Ghana, and Making Cents International for a LIVE PYXERA Global-hosted Twitter Chat on Wed, Oct 4 at 11 AM, ET at #GEFlive and on the PYXERA Global website. In this conversation, you will hear: 

  • How these organizations are using collaborative action to address the youth skills gap. 
  • About #GEFlive collaborators who have advanced ideas since the April Forum, and where they have found the biggest challenges to collaboration.
  • Key findings from the recent RTI and PYXERA Global report, The Skills Mismatch: Approaching a Collective Strategy. 
  • How you can get involved in solving the youth skills gap. 


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The Skills Mismatch: Approaching a Collective Strategy: The Report 

PYXERA Global is pleased to announce the publication of “The Skills Mismatch: Approaching a Collective Strategy” report, published in partnership with RTI International’s Global Center on Youth Employment. The report highlights the big ideas that emerged from the Global Engagement Forum: Live and core principles to guide collaborative action. 

“We are faced with massive numbers of young people at the bottom of a ten-meter ditch struggling to get up, while multiple one-meter long ropes are lowered, desperately attempting to pull them up. The solution seems evident. We must learn to tie the disparate ropes together.” 

Peter Joyce, Senior Researcher and General Manager, Global Center for Youth Employment, RTI International 

The “Approaching a Collective Strategy” Twitter chat will be fueled by the findings from this paper, as well as Collaborating for Solvable Problems: What’s Next?, published in partnership with the School of Visual Arts and Babson College’s Social Innovation Lab. 

About #GEFlive featured voices:

  • The Dow Chemical Company (@DowCorps): Dow delivers products and solutions that create value and competitive advantage while positively impacting the world we live in. Collectively, Dow’s efforts have lasting results, creating higher performance for our customers and reshaping the world around us to build a better future for everyone. Dow is a leading US corporation encouraging and executing more robust science, technology, education, and math programs.
  • SAP (@SAP4Good): As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP is at the center of today’s business and technology revolution. SAP helps you streamline your processes, giving you the ability to use live data to predict customer trends – live and in the moment.
  • Making Cents International (@MakingCentsIntl): Making Cents believes that people have tremendous potential and can achieve great things, given the opportunity. Opportunity springs from having mentors to help navigate difficult decisions, a safe place to save money, a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and civic leaders, and education that leads to a job. Since the organization’s founding in 1999, Making Cents International has been supporting people around the world to take advantage of these opportunities and advance their social and economic well-being. Making Cents works with partner organizations to build their capacity to support the people they serve—from the smallholder farmers who feed the planet to the young leaders and entrepreneurs who shape our communities. 
  • DreamOval (@foundation_DO): The DreamOval Foundation manages all corporate social responsibility initiatives by DreamOval Ltd in Ghana. Its aim is to bridge the knowledge gap through the creation, sharing, and utilization of knowledge with Education and Technology being the key focus areas.
  • PYXERA Global: For more than 27 years, PYXERA Global has leveraged the unique strengths of corporations, governments, social sector organizations, educational institutions, and individuals to enhance the abilities of people and communities to solve complex problems and attain mutually beneficial goals. 

This past spring, PYXERA Global hosted the Global Engagement Forum: Live, where leaders from across the public, private, and social sector engaged in intensive collaboration to address specific solvable global problems on the skills gap, post-harvest loss, and non-communicable diseases. Now they are reconvening to share the findings and results of their collaboration. 

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