Amway China Makes Commitment to 1 Million Children

Amway China Makes Commitment to 1 Million Children

"Spring Sprouts" provides nutritious foods that help kids learn and grow

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Nutrition kitchen will provide the nutritious meals Chinese children desperatly need.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - 8:15am


Over the past two years, Amway China, through its Amway Charity Foundation (ACF), has built 754 “Spring Sprouts Kitchens” to provide nutritious meals to 377,000 rural Chinese schoolchildren.

Many of these children walk miles to school, sleeping overnight in buildings with no kitchens and no access to nutritious foods that help them learn and grow.

Through a unique public-private partnership, the Spring Sprouts Project brought fresh, locally sourced meats, dairy and fruits and vegetables and trained kitchen staff to these schools to improve the nutrition of children who had little access to healthy foods.

But there are tens of millions of children who need help.

Today at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting in New York, Amway President and ACF Executive Vice Chairman Audie Wong announced a Commitment to Action that will bring 2,000 additional Spring Sprouts Kitchens to rural schools in the next two years, ensuring 1 million Chinese children have access to nutritious school lunches.

With additional partners brought together through CGI, Spring Sprouts Kitchens hopes to reach even more of the children not receiving adequate nutrition today.

AUTHOR: Beth Dornan