Alliance Data's African American Resource Group Employee Spotlight: Sheryl Ferguson

Mar 4, 2021 10:00 AM ET

As we share our final #BlackHistoryMonth spotlight, we want to thank our African American Resource Group (AARG) for partnering with us to help share associates’ perspectives and experiences. While this month is a time to uplift Black stories and voices, every month should be used to create a future that supports a more equitable, nondiscriminatory environment for all people.

Sheryl has been with Alliance Data for nearly 3 years and embodies the “lifting as we climb” spirit by advocating for victims of police violence in Kansas City. She convenes representatives from multiple groups that have also been fighting against systemic racism in their area to make a difference. She’s been working to bridge the gap between the activists and citizens that lack trust in government systems by keeping communications open with various entities that address racial issues. This includes having regular communication with newspaper editors, the Board members that oversee the police department, city council, and the mayor of Kansas City.