Alcoa Foundation and Discovery Education’s “Manufacture Your Future” off to a Strong Start

Alcoa Foundation and Discovery Education’s “Manufacture Your Future” off to a Strong Start


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Tuesday, July 8, 2014 - 4:15pm

According to a national survey, less than 20 percent of Americans said that their parents or school system had encouraged them to pursue a career in manufacturing. In response, Alcoa Foundation, the charitable arm of Alcoa, a manufacturing company pioneering the revitalization of the industry, teamed up with their new partner, Discovery Education, in an effort to bridge the industry’s unemployment gap through an online program named “Manufacture Your Future,” which debuted in late May.

The product of their partnership, “Manufacture Your Future,” encourages post-secondary education through an online platform accessible to educators, guidance counselors, and families. The creation of jobs that require a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) background are increasing at nearly double the rate of general job creation. With an economy comprised of one in seven private sector jobs reliant on a manufacturing base, bolstering STEM education is imperative.

“The manufacturing industry is an innovative place full of exciting potential,” said Esra Ozer, president, Alcoa Foundation. “However, we need a strong pipeline of talent to fill the increasing demand in the manufacturing industry. Programs like ‘Manufacture Your Future’ help kick-start a student’s understanding of possible manufacturing careers.”

As the world’s third largest producer of aluminum, it makes sense that Alcoa Foundation chose to partner with Discovery Education, a like-minded organization, whose goal is to create engagement programs offering free classroom resources.

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