Alba Vivar Talks About Her Heritage and Giving Back to the Community

Alba Vivar Talks About Her Heritage and Giving Back to the Community

Thursday, October 14, 2021 - 10:45am

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In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, FedEx Ground team member Alba Vivar shares her story about her family, career, and why giving back to her community is important.  

Alba was born in Trenton, New Jersey, to parents who emigrated from Ecuador. Although her parents spoke no English, they worked hard in their new home to create a good life for Alba and her brother.  “They have provided me with guidance, support, and all the resources I need so that I can be successful in life. My parents worked with their hands, so I did not have to,” Vivar said.

For Alba, FedEx is a family affair. Alba started her FedEx journey as a package handler in 2014. She’s now a Field Operations Analyst at FedEx Ground, where she oversees process improvements for her district in Trenton, New Jersey. And she’s not the only family member working for the company. Her mother is a package handler at FedEx Ground, and her brother is a quality assurance administrator.

One of Alba’s great passions is giving back to the community, something she learned from her parents. “In my culture, the Latino culture, it's always about giving back and being nurturing, which my parents have done my whole life,” Vivar said. “My parents always taught me, if you make it, regardless of what you have, you have to give back.”

Alba gives her time by serving on the local FedEx Cares Community Engagement Council and volunteering with many local nonprofits including Junior Achievement of New Jersey, the United Way of Greater Mercer County, and Rescue Mission of Trenton. She also participates in the annual MLK Day of Service event at which team members pack meals for Rise Against Hunger.

Her favorite community activities? Alba loves to volunteer her time helping children and empowering young women to reach their potential.

“I have volunteered on numerous FedEx Cares events prior to COVID, and I'm excited when we can do that again, when it's safe. And I'm very excited for what the future holds.”