AIAG Chemical Management And Reporting Training Now Available

Designed to enhance employee knowledge to positively impact their company's environmental and product compliance
Jan 17, 2014 1:15 PM ET

Companies in the automotive industry and its supply chain face a wide array of governmental regulations, in the United States and globally, on the use and management of chemicals in the production process. To support member companies in facing this reality, AIAG’s Corporate Responsibility Group works hard to keep them abreast of existing and emerging regulations and provides an assessment of the impact these regulations are having. And by joining with other industrial groups to develop common processes and tools that increase the efficiency of regulatory compliance, we minimize the cost to all member companies.

 Our Global Chemical Regulation Awareness and Management Training  provides the knowledge an organization needs to ensure compliance with local and global chemical management regulations specifically focused on products, while minimizing risks to their business. A thorough understanding of global chemical regulations helps organizations avoid manufacturing shutdowns, damage to company image, lawsuits, fines and penalties and increase efficiency through industry collaboration.

AIAG's Chemical Management Work Group has developed a three-part training series on chemical regulations that impact all aspects of a product's life cycle. Everyone has a role in how a company addresses their global chemical regulatory management and we encourage company directors, engineering, designers, purchasing agents and environmental practitioners for this training series.

Course 1 - Regulations: Management and Compliance
This one-hour training course provides participants with an introduction to global chemical regulations with a focus on managing the proliferation of global environmental regulations and the importance of developing compliance strategies from product design to end-of-vehicle life. This course is designed for individuals involved with activities that impact the company's environmental and product compliance such as product design, materials management, purchasing, and bringing product to market. This may include materials and product engineers, environmental and health staff, production, purchasing, quality, and sales staff. No prior knowledge of global environmental regulations is required.

Course 2 - Global Product Regulation Overview
This overview builds upon Course 1, providing participants with an overview of various global chemical regulations with descriptions of the regulations; How they apply to the automotive supplier or Original Equipment Manufacturer; Upcoming deadlines or actions, and important regulatory changes and activities. Regulations covered include: REACh, CLP, GHS, RoHS, EU Critical Material Re-use/Recycling, End-of-Life Vehicle Directive, TSCA, Frank-Dodd Act regarding Conflict Minerals, Canadian Challenge, Green House Gas, and Green Chemistry.

Course 3 - Management of Product Chemical Regulatory Compliance
This 4-hour interactive training course provides participants an in-depth discussion of managing global chemical regulatory compliance with specific emphasis on responsibility within functional roles, managing the supply chain, data collection, and material content reporting. Several global regulations will be discussed identifying regulatory requirements and strategies for compliance. Individuals will participate in knowledge checks and case studies throughout the course.

AIAG's Chemical Management Work Group is defining the global impact of emerging chemical management or product stewardship regulations on the automotive industry, and supporting the development and operation of chemical reporting processes to meet both regulatory and customer requirements.  To learn more about how to get involved, contact AIAG at 877-275-2424, email visit our website at