Accountability-Central Commentator and Legendary SRI Advocate Peter Kinder On The US President’s “Max Bialystock” Moment

It’s jobs, stupid!
Aug 11, 2011 10:00 AM ET

(3BL Media / the CSRfeed) August 11, 2011 -  Legendary SRI advocate Peter D. Kinder, now a featured commentator on , the public website of the Governance & Accountability Institute ( ), in a just –posted Accountability-Central commentary distills and dismisses all of the recent across-the-aisle wrangling over the nation’s debt-ceiling woes with a true four-letter word moment. That word is “jobs.” 

Writes Kinder, founder and president until 2009 of KLD Research & Analytics: “Nothing matters except jobs. Nothing. People out of work can’t care much about sustainability or the arts or social justice or anything except who’s hiring. Especially as the weeks of their jobless benefits fly by.”

Soon after a Monday, August 8th dip in the stock market, President Barack Obama addressed the nation on the precarious economy, and Kinder writes that “…it’s hard to see how the President can get himself out of a policy fix in which he’s put himself and us. He has staked everything on deficit reduction and shrinking government: an economic strategy that has never, anywhere produced the jobs which result in the demand that restores social and economic health.”

As the President confronts his economic crisis, Kinder sees not President Obama, but actor Zero Motel’s Max Bialystock character in ‘The Producers” (1968) movie, rubbing his cheek with his partner’s security blanket while bemoaning ‘No way out, Leo, no way out.”

Channeling a variant of former President Clinton’s mantra during the 1992 Presidential campaign, Kinder offers a “wake-up” call to the current Commander-in-Chief:  “It’s jobs, stupid!”

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Peter Kinder is currently an independent consultant on socially responsible investing and a blogger at Peter Kinder co-founded KLD Research and Analytics in 1998 and served as its president and board chair until its 2009 sale to Risk Metrics Group, which in turn was acquired by MSCI in 2010.


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