Accountability Central Alert for May 2, 2011 -- A SLOW NEWS WEEK? Not!

May 4, 2011 4:30 PM ET

AC Alert for May 2, 2011

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Those who work in the news rooms of broadcasting outlets and newspapers will often refer to a week when no major incidents occur and decent news stories are hard to develop as a “slow news week.” Those are the weeks when perceptive communication directors will release minor level news hoping for major level media placement.

After a week which saw the beauty and elegance of a royal wedding, the toll and tragedy of the second worst outbreak of tornadoes in US history, and the spectacle of a US President distributing copies of his own birth certificate, it’s safe to say that last week was NOT a slow news week!

No doubt these historic events dominated the major media but there was a lot else happening too. We offer as a primary source AC’s Government/Political Governance Section. This section cuts to the very essence of our nation’s governing bodies. In a representative democracy, men and women serving in public office – whether elected or appointed – must view their service as a public trust.   Each day, men and women raise their right hands to be sworn in as executives, legislators and administrators, agreeing to protect and defend the constitutions of the United States and of their home States, and the laws, rules and regulations of their governmental subdivisions. 

Public servants then embark on careers where they are entrusted with the health, finances, safety and well-being of their constituents – and of course, with public purse strings…the taxpayers’ money. These individuals are vested with the task of making extremely important decisions which will have a major impact on many citizens in the years ahead. Most are truly dedicated to the job at hand; some fall victim to bribery, corruption, greed, or political cronyism – any of these leading them to betray the public trust.

Elected officials must resist the temptation to put their office “up for sale” to the highest bidder – to lobbyists, corporations, political action committees, special interest groups, or other special interests intent on buying and controlling publicly-elected bodies. The decisions they will make are far too important to be derailed by elements of evil.

AC editors keep a close eye on these developments every day in our Government/Political Governance Section.

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