A1 Boxing Academy Helps Youth in Denver Learn Self Defense

With help from U.S. Bank, A1 owner Glenn Goodson has turned his dream of owning a gym into reality
Jan 10, 2024 12:00 PM ET

Originally published on U.S. Bank company blog

In 2005, Glenn Goodson saw a commercial about boxing and fitness, and that sparked an idea to open his own gym. He soon became the proud owner of a franchise, but the budding Denver entrepreneur had a bigger vision.

With the help of small business specialist Alexis Hiltz, business access advisor Brandon Willis, and Elavon payments solution sales rep Vianey Edwards, Goodson was able to leave his franchise and turn his gym into a beacon of hope for the greater Denver community. Today, A1 Boxing Academy uses fitness, self-defense skills and unity to keep the area’s youth active and out of trouble.

“The U.S. Bank relationship meant a lot to the gym, because it allowed youth to come in that wouldn’t normally be able to afford it,” Goodson said. “The benefits of working with U.S. Bank were their customer service and friendliness, and their ability to accommodate the needs of the gym.”

Watch the video above to learn more about Goodson and his mission to help Denver’s youth, and how the collaboration with U.S. Bank continues to turn his dreams into a reality.