725 Horses, a Bell, Safe Kids Worldwide and FedEx: Connecting the Dots

725 Horses, a Bell, Safe Kids Worldwide and FedEx: Connecting the Dots

#11 FedEx Camry featuring Safe Kids Worldwide logo and illustrations.

Safe Kids themed #11 FedEx Camry on the track at Watkins Glen International

Safe Kids themed #11 FedEx Camry and driver Denny Hamlin at Watkins Glen International

Thursday, August 15, 2019 - 1:30pm

CAMPAIGN: FedEx Cares | Overall


This August, Safe Kids Worldwide, a global child injury prevention organization, benefitted from some extra visibility thanks to 725 horses (the horsepower of the#11 FedEx Camry driven by Denny Hamlin) and the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

To celebrate 20 years of working together to keep kids safe, the Safe Kids Worldwide logo was featured on the #11 FedEx Camry that raced at Watkins Glen International on August 4. Following that, Torine Creppy, the CEO of Safe Kids, joined FedEx on the bell-ringing platform at the New York Stock Exchange for the closing bell on August 8. Standing next to Torine, was FedEx Express SVP Tim Wertner, VP Ken Wilson, FedEx Ground VP Pat McCoy, FedEx Freight VP Rodney Myers, Safe Kids staff, and several other FedEx team members. The digital signage behind the group featured a shout out from FedEx displaying the Safe Kids and FedEx logos and stating: 20 years preventing pedestrian injuries. To see video of bell-ringing, click here.

Since the relationship began, 20,000 FedEx volunteers have helped Safe Kids reach 17 million children in 10 countries with lifesaving and injury preventing child pedestrian safety training and education. Featuring the Safe Kids logo on the #11 FedEx Camry and arranging for a bell-ringing event featuring Safe Kids are two ways, beyond financial and volunteer support, that FedEx is supporting Safe Kids. This kind of support helps bring visibility to the organization, which in turn creates awareness that may result in additional support for Safe Kids to help them accomplish their mission of preventing childhood injuries.

The appreciation is mutual. While FedEx is thrilled to show appreciation to Safe Kids for all that they do to help keep children safe around the world, Safe Kids does not hold back in expressing its appreciation for FedEx! Take a look at this 2-minute video. It’s a heartwarmingthank you video they created for FedEx that features kids from around the world sharing words of appreciation for FedEx.