7 Women Reveal How Their Company's Programs Left Them Feeling Empowered

7 Women Reveal How Their Company's Programs Left Them Feeling Empowered

Seven women embrace the power of impact by sharing their experiences participating in leadership and development initiatives at Gildan

Tuesday, June 30, 2020 - 8:00am

CAMPAIGN: From Program to Possibility


Earlier this year, Gildan launched a mini-series to demonstrate the value of company-based initiatives focused on diversity, inclusion, and professional development, highlighting the role they play on empowering women. 

Read the reflections of seven women from seven different countries as they recount their experiences participating in these initiatives and share their perspectives about uplifting women in the workplace: 

Amanda Jackson, Reworks Supervisor in the United States 

“I think that as young women in leadership, we often face more barriers and scrutiny when it comes to proving ourselves, and programs like those offered by Gildan are useful for supporting us when faced with these realities. They help us recognize our power and our potential.” 

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Ingrid MirandaProduction Chief in Honduras 

As a woman, Gildan’s Wonderful Women initiative and its Taking the Stage lectures inspired me through channeling the stories of other women who have had to overcome similar barriers. 

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Asha Weekes, Credit Senior Manager in Barbados 

“I think opportunities that support our growth as leaders are important for empowering women because they show them that their thoughts and perspectives are valuable.”  

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Favia Marisol Consoro, Knitting Mechanic in the Dominican Republic 

All the skills I gained in the programs have given me more confidence in myself as well as in what I do – especially as a woman working in mechanics. 

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Sabrina Teixeira, Director of Financial Operations in Canada 

“For some women, it can be hard to be assertive in the workplace, but the type of communication tools taught by the program helped me overcome those hurdles and gave me the confidence to be stronger in my career.” 

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Lily AkterQuality Assurance Coordinator in Bangladesh 

In Bangladesh, improving the status of women plays an important role in reducing gender-based discrimination. When women are supported, we, as a society, can drive sustainable growth and support better living standards for all.” 

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Elieth de los Angeles MartinezProduction Coordinator in Nicaragua 

”Through initiatives that teach leadership and professional development, women have the power to break gender paradigms. That’s why I believe that more companies like Gildan are necessary for ensuring that women can continue to succeed like I did.” 

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