3 Frequently Asked Questions About Conflict Minerals

Sep 8, 2014 9:45 AM ET
Image credit: Ariel Schwartz

AIAG's Conflict Minerals Work Group fields three common questions about the SEC legislation and how it affects your business.

Is my company affected by the SEC's conflict minerals rules? 

Probably yes. As long as you are a direct or indirect supplier to a company that files certain reports with the SEC, you may be asked to provide information regarding the uses and sources of conflict minerals in your products. 

Is it illegal for my company to use conflict minerals? 

No. The law only requires that you disclose your sources. Severing ties completely with the metal-rich Democratic of Congo would ultimately lead to its economic collapse. Instead, the SEC wants to verify that the tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold that gilds sealants, seat cushions, circuits, and sensors isn't coming from warlord-run mines. 

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