21st Century Fox Launches Ghetto Film School in Los Angeles

Aug 20, 2014 1:00 PM ET

21CF Global Energy Initiative

As part of its annual Philanthropy Issue, The Hollywood Reporter featured 21st Century Fox's partnership with the Ghetto Film School as one of several initiatives that are "shaking up the ways Hollywood thinks about giving back." For the past 14 years, the Ghetto Film School has operated as a New York-based nonprofit that teaches filmmaking to young people from traditionally low-income neighborhoods. Due to support from 21st Century Fox, the organization is expanding for the first time by opening a new Ghetto Film School in Los Angeles.

"It's about creating a center of gravity for students hoping to break into the industry," 21st Century Fox Co-COO James Murdoch told The Hollywood Reporter. "There's lots of employment in this business. What I'm excited about is getting the entertainment community here engaged, so we have directors or grips or executives... mentoring these kids. It's about giving them a sense of self and ambition of what they can accomplish."

Based in MacArthur Park and operated in partnership with the nonprofit Heart of Los Angeles, GFS LA is a 30-month college-level program that teaches students the craft and technique of storytelling and production. It offers classes after school and on weekends at no cost to the students.

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