2014 FedEx Global Citizenship Report – Moving Possibilities

Report Preview by Mitch Jackson, Vice President of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability, FedEx Corporation
Mar 27, 2015 10:30 AM ET
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2014 FedEx Global Citizenship Report – Moving Possibilities

FedEx Global Citizenship is about connecting the world responsibly and resourcefully.

Our seventh-annual Global Citizenship Report will be released on April 2nd. It’s titled Moving Possibilitiesbecause it focuses upon our efforts to align business goals with citizenship objectives.

At the most basic level, we serve our customers by providing high-value- added logistics, transportation and related business services. And we do so day in and day out to the very best of our abilities. We strive to make every customer experience outstanding—what we call the “Purple Promise”. But, beyond moving packages from point A to point B, we also connect the world—and we aim to do so responsibly and resourcefully. This means minimizing impacts on the environment and congestion, improving the safety of streets in cities around the world, utilizing our infrastructure to provide disaster relief and linking people to thriving markets and economies.

The four sections of the report cover (1) Economic Development, (2) Environment, (3) Community, and (4) People. It again aligns with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. And, it remains an all-digital and print-on-demand platform.

Here are a few of the highlights you’ll see:

Economic DevelopmentWe describe how our business supports economic development.

  • The FedEx Know and Grow program is a suite of annual events, seminars and other training opportunities across the U.S. providing export education to our customers. It’s helped more than 72,500 businesses since 2009.
  • FedEx has spent over $6.5 billion in diverse supplier spending, promoting prosperity for small, minority and women owned businesses.


EnvironmentWe present data on how we work to decrease our environmental footprint while serving our customers and connecting the world.

  • FedEx FuelSense has saved us from using more than 334 million gallons of jet fuel and has avoided more than 3.25 million metric tons of CO2e emissions.since 2007.
  • FedEx Express achieved 29.5% in cumulative fuel efficiency improvements across its entire vehicle fleet since 2005, just .5% shy of our goal for 2020.
  • In 2014, FedEx was once again recognized by the Solar Energy Industry Association as one of the top 25 solar-generating companies in the U.S., ranking 22nd by number of solar installations and 18th by generating capacity.


CommunityWe show how we are trying to serve communities – in good times, as well as in bad.

  • In collaboration with Safe Kids Worldwide, we’ve reached more than 10 million students with information and training on pedestrian safety.
  • We donated space for 6.7 million lbs. of charitable shipping in 2014 – moving everything from disaster relief supplies to dinosaur bones.
  • Our team members delivered for their communities as well as their customers in 2014, totaling more than 46,000 volunteer hours in 64 countries around the globe.


PeopleWe provide information on how our team members contribute to FedEx success.

  • FedEx has long supported educational and promotional growth for team members – As such, we make tuition assistance available to our full-time and part-time employees, ranging from $1,250 to $5,000 per employee per year.
  • Our diverse workforce strengthens FedEx, so we detail that diversity by makeup in the report. And, in fact, FedEx was ranked among the “40 Best Companies for Diversity” by Black Enterprise Magazine in 2014.


Global Citizenship Strategy:

And, of course, we discuss our Global Citizenship strategy and present the results of a materiality analysis that included stakeholder engagement. We looked at issues like ethics, vehicle fuel use and emissions, business preparedness and resiliency, aircraft fuel use and emissions, diversity and inclusion, team member issues, public policy engagement, workforce development, product and service innovation, supplier diversity, community investment and volunteerism, and other important, material topics.

For an interesting experiment, think about those issues listed and try to gauge their importance to both FedEx and stakeholders. Then, delve into the report to see how you did. By doing so, you’ll get a sense of the complexity and importance that this initiative brings.

All in all, we hope this report provides information and value. And, we thank FedEx team members for their continuing efforts as they strive to connect the world responsibly and resourcefully.