The 2014 Boston College Film Festival is Now Open

Dec 16, 2013 3:00 PM ET

The 2014 Boston College Film Festival is Now Open

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship is excited to announce the submission period for the sixth annual Film Festival is now open! This Film Festival is an opportunity to share your company’s journeys and successes around corporate citizenship. Don’t miss the chance to submit your video! Entry in the Film Festival provides your company a forum to inform your employees, customers and partners of your corporate citizenship efforts. Click here to submit your video today!

Last year’s Film Festival included entries from 74 companies, leading to an impressive 90,000 views of the submissions. The entries included a diverse range of corporate citizenship topics — access to healthcare, volunteerism, sustainability, programs for children, global hunger, the environmental impacts of products and services, unemployment, and chronic disease.

Due to the overwhelming success of last year’s Film Festival we are expecting even more entries in this year’s competition. If you are currently using video to illustrate your company’s corporate citizenship message this is a great opportunity to share your story. The Center for Corporate Citizenship’s annual Film Festival will provide you an audience of thousands of viewers to whom you can demonstrate firsthand your company’s corporate citizenship successes and how your company uses video as a communication tool.

Below are some important dates and information to keep in mind when submitting your video for the Film Festival.

The submission period begins on December 16, 2013 and will continue through January 17, 2014. Each company may submit one three-minute video for consideration in the contest. Entry is free for members and $1500 for non-members. Click here to review the 2014 Film Festival FAQs.

Public Voting:
Public voting will take place from January 27 through February 7 to narrow the field to ten finalists. Finalists will be announced on February 10.

The ten finalist videos will then be reviewed by a panel of judges who will select the winning video, which will be announced on March 24 during the International Corporate Citizenship Conference, taking place March 24-25 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. In order to win a representative from your company must be in attendance at the conference (registration required).

How will you promote your corporate citizenship story this year?

The Center has created a Social Media Promotion Guide to provide guidance on launching your online marketing efforts once you have submitted your video to the Film Festival. The guide provides useful information on how to complete the video submission form in order to best utilize search engine optimization, how to best tap into available social media channels, how to utilize promotional resources within your company, and ideas for external promotion channels.