2013 FedEx Global Citizenship Report - Global Connections

2013 FedEx Global Citizenship Report - Global Connections

By Mitch Jackson, SVP, FedEx Corp Environmental Affairs & Sustainability

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Thursday, May 15, 2014 - 1:30pm

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FedEx is built on the belief that local economic growth requires connectivity with the rest of the world, and we accept that it is our role and responsibility to do this sustainably.

We have just issued our sixth Global Citizenship Report, titled Global Connections. This title is important because it relays the role FedEx plays in bringing value and societal benefit - connecting people and possibilities around the world, but striving to do so responsibly and resourcefully. That message comes through loud and clear when you read the Letter from the Chairman, from my Question & Answer section, and from each of the four sections of the report. 

We continue to present information using the following subjects: (1) Economics & Access, (2) Environment & Efficiency, (3) Community & Disaster Relief, and (4) People & Workplace. And, this is the second year that the report aligns with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. Once again, it is an all-digital and print-on-demand platform this year.

Here are just a few highlights from this year’s report:

Economics & Access:

We recognize that global citizenship supports our business and is a critical element of our business strategy. We feel that it leads to business opportunities and innovations that help make us stronger through an enhanced reputation, cost savings and reduced risks. And, we estimate the revenues from contracts with customers that requested information on our citizenship efforts exceeded $5 billion.

Environment & Efficiency:

In 2013, we continued to improve our FedEx Express vehicle fuel efficiency by 5%, bringing our cumulative fuel efficiency improvements to 27% from 2005 levels. Also in 2013, we continued to reduce our aircraft carbon dioxide emissions intensity without a reduction in business. We now have reduced that intensity by 22.3% since 2005 levels.

Community & Disaster Relief:

We continued our long-standing support for organizations focused on disaster relief, child pedestrian safety and environmental sustainability; total charitable contributions across all FedEx giving areas totaled $46.51 million in 2013. 

People & Workplace:

At FedEx, we have something we call The Purple Promise - I will make every FedEx experience outstanding. It’s part of our longstanding corporate philosophy of People-Service-Profit, or P-S-P - a cyclical process. We take care of our people, who then provide outstanding service to our customers; this helps lead to solid profitability and business growth, thereby allowing us to continue to reward our team, who, in turn, continue to give customers excellent service… but, we also seek to do all this responsibly and resourcefully.

We consider Planet as a natural benefactor of our P-S-P philosophy, because we undertake P-S-P in an effort to connect people and possibilities around the world responsibly and resourcefully. Societal well-being, economic growth around the world, customer service and environmental commitment all add up to a quadruple bottom line.

In the post for last year’s 2012 Global Citizenship Report, I recalled that sustainability is a team sport, and thanked our team members for contributing to our efforts. This year, I also thank the FedEx team for the continuing hard work demonstrated day-in and day-out in fulfilling the Purple Promise, thereby allowing FedEx to better connect the world responsibly and resourcefully.