2012 Ecolab Sustainability Report: Clean Water Sustains Life

Oct 25, 2013 9:30 AM ET

Diminishing access to clean water supplies is one of the most serious risks facing the world today. In fact, the World Economic Forum Global Risk Report 2013 named water supply crises among the top four global risks for likelihood and greatest  impact over the next 10 years. From Burbank to Bangkok, Houston to Hong Kong, water supplies demand our attention.

Ecolab is uniquely positioned to provide and protect clean water. Our more than 25,000 field representatives in more than 170 countries bring a holistic perspective to our customers’ water challenges by evaluating water use across multiple applications and industries.

In addition to conserving water across industries, Ecolab helps preserve water within communities. In July 2012, citizens in the High Plains of the U.S. were experiencing extreme temperatures and drought conditions and Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) saw demand peak dramatically in response to sizzling temperatures of 105º Fahrenheit (41º Celsius). OPPD used our 3D TRASAR Optimizer to reduce its withdrawal of freshwater by 290 million gallons per year.

Details of the positive impact Ecolab makes through our customers and  in our own operations can be found in our 2012 Sustainability Report.