"You're not addressing the biggest question" | Conflict Minerals Compliance

"You're not addressing the biggest question" | Conflict Minerals Compliance

Friday, April 12, 2013 - 2:55pm

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Hundreds of Global Brand companies attended this week's Source Intelligence webinar: Industry Veterans Speak Out on the Changing Requirements of Due Diligence. We received countless questions, which we will release later this week, but what question is the "biggest question" that seems to be on anyone's mind? 

Q.) What if many suppliers are not cooperative, nor capable of digging into their supply chains (3 to 4 levels down) to determine which smelters?  Any 'solution' will be useless without valid data.

A.) Source Intelligence could not agree more in terms of identifying the biggest challenge facing organizations attempting to trace 3TG back to the smelter (and beyond).  Simply put, our technology platform is one piece of the solution. Our key differentiator is our Supplier Engagement Team who operates out of our Regulatory Compliance Call Center.  Data Validation can not be done using technology alone, nor should we assume for a second that suppliers know where 3TG minerals reside in their products, let alone their supply chains.  Source Intelligence utilizes our Supplier Engagement Team to engage suppliers directly in order to verify information and compare data collected against our own database and known sources of supply chain intelligence.  In addition, when we hit the inevitable road blocks, we will provide our clients with a Risk Assessment based on an analysis of all of the information we collect and verify.

Click here, for access to the webinar. 

If you are interested in drilling down a little deeper into the Source Intelligence Conflict Minerals Compliance Program, please contact us at: info@sourceintelligence.com.