What’s Your Vision for a Clean Energy Future? Tweet to #CleanEnergyU

What’s Your Vision for a Clean Energy Future? Tweet to #CleanEnergyU

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Share your vision for a Clean Energy Future. Tweet to #CleanEnergyU. @Chevrolet http://3bl.me/3w27fv

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Share your ideas for a clean energy future with photos and tweets to #CleanEnergyU.

Marissa and Brian, Grand Valley State Univeristy students, share one of their solutions for a clean energy future.

Monday, April 13, 2015 - 1:30pm

CAMPAIGN: The #CleanEnergyU Conversation

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During Earth Month, students across the United States are welcome to post their thoughts to #CleanEnergyU in response to two key questions: What’s your vision for a clean-energy future by 2025 and what actions are you taking now to lead toward that goal?

Whether it’s a photo tweeted of a student holding a sign with their insights or a 140-character statement, all are encouraged to voice their opinion.

Students, professors and clean energy leaders will be sharing their insights regarding the clean energy future they want to see by 2025.

The campuses leading Chevrolet’s Chevrolet's Clean Energy Campus Campaign originally convened the #CleanEnergyU dialogue. These academic leaders were the first to access a new source of carbon capital to help accelerate their clean energy leadership.

Join the #CleanEnergyU conversation.