What Suppliers to Global Brands Should Know About Conflict Minerals

What Suppliers to Global Brands Should Know About Conflict Minerals

FAQ: Smelter Verification
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Monday, February 16, 2015 - 12:00pm

With only 15 weeks left until the conflict minerals reporting deadline, many suppliers are currently being requested to comply with their customers’ smelter and conflict minerals requests.  Smelter Verification for conflict minerals is the process through which an issuer or non-issuer validates the list of smelters they have received and will be providing to their supplier or including in the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) filings.

The Smelter Vetification Frequently Asked Questions is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions from Source Intelligence’s global brand clients and their suppliers regarding the smelter verification step. 

The FAQ covers:

  • Verification of supplier-provided smelter information basics
  • Issuers and Non-Issuers
  • Publicly available information (CFSI, LBMA, GAO)
  • Third-party vendors assistance in smelter verification for conflict minerals
  • Research and engagement for unknown smelters

For you own copy of the FAQ, download it here.


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