Volunteers Thrill Kids at Boys & Girls Club

Volunteers Thrill Kids at Boys & Girls Club

Maytag Day of Dependability adds harvest theme
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22 @WhirlpoolCorp employees volunteer at Benton Harbor Boys & Girls Club for Maytag Day of Dependability: http://bit.ly/2fxQ6lc
Monday, November 7, 2016 - 11:00am

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BENTON HARBOR — Two dozen kids from the Benton Harbor Boys & Girls Club crowded around a television set in the drama room, which was connected by a wire to a laptop computer.

Upon the television and laptop screens was Michael Jackson and his zombie compadres dancing to the beat of the hit single “Thriller.”

The kids erupted in movement, dragging their feet and slumping their shoulders to mimic the zombies and the King of Pop. They continued to dance and sing along to the 1982 music video as instructions poured in from Syreeta Hassel, who encouraged everyone to join in – even if it was momentarily.

“I remember when I watched this for the first time, I was really, really scared,” Hassel said as the rest of the room clapped their hands and slid their feet on the floor. Hassel is the performing arts instructor for the club.

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