VMware CodeHouse: Incubator for Impactful Work

VMware CodeHouse: Incubator for Impactful Work

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.@VMware and @codechix design 3-day CodeHouse experience for women in computer science http://bit.ly/2lYw8Xf #STEM #diversity
Tuesday, March 7, 2017 - 2:00pm


VMware’s commitment to building an inclusive and innovative workplace for the next generation of technology leaders has never been more steadfast. Accelerating innovation, attracting top talent, and building a community that is inclusive and diverse begins at the university level. Through mentorship programs, targeted inclusion events, and technical programs, VMware is committed to creating unique experiences for talented women that are unrivaled in authenticity and impact.

VMware’s University Talent team has successfully fostered an inclusive and authentic community for its interns, in creating the Women Connecting Women mentorship program and the Launch program, which provides technical development opportunities for diverse undergraduate students. Building on that success, VMware aimed to raise the bar by creating a one-of-a-kind, educational, community-centric experience called VMware CodeHouse.

It is critical to connect with women and include them in VMware’s technical community at the very beginning of their careers, before they even set foot on campus. VMware created CodeHouse to do just this—expose program attendees to a network of female engineers, where they can collaborate directly with VMware on a community project that allows attendees to use technical expertise to empower other women in technology.

Making an Impact for Women in Technology
VMware CodeHouse is a three-day technical experience for women pursuing their Master’s and Ph.D. in Computer Science. It takes place at VMware’s world headquarters and an executive home in Silicon Valley. At this year’s inaugural event, attendees organically formed teams at the CodeHouse, which provided an intimate setting for close collaboration and thoughtful team work. Under the mentorship of VMware employees and the nonprofit CodeChix, they designed and built advanced technical curriculums that are now an open source resource for female engineers across the globe. The event also provided exclusive networking opportunities for attendees with VMware’s executive leadership, along with a technical review of their efforts by CodeChix volunteers and VMware’s top engineers.

At VMware CodeHouse, VMware and CodeChix came together to make an impact on women in technology and build a strong, inclusive foundation for the tech world’s next generation of the brightest talent. VMware has and will serve as the space to build an alliance of technical women at the start of their careers, and position the company as the leading space for impactful, meaningful, and technically challenging work.

Watch the video to learn more about VMware CodeHouse.

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