Using Technology to Maximize Investments

Using Technology to Maximize Investments

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Learn how technology enables community investment, volunteering and giving strategies:
Friday, August 29, 2014 - 9:30am

CAMPAIGN: 2014 LBG Canada Annual Meeting


The use of technology in community investment isn't new. Online application and internal tracking systems have supported community investment professionals in selecting partnerships, tracking community and business metrics, and providing portfolio breakdowns.

Software has also been developed to better engage employees in employee volunteering and giving programs. Innovation in technology has translated into this sector with:

  • Mobile technology: many programs allow employees to engage across multiple platforms by removing barriers to participation.
  • Social media integration: being able to advertise participation in giving and volunteering programs through check-ins or status updates encourages employees to become ambassadors and communicators of engagement programs.
  • Gamification: tapping into inner competitive spirit, gamifying giving and volunteering programs can make strategies engaging and fun. Targets, awards, team competitions and matching can amplify community impact without too much administrative effort.
  • Democratized funding: flexibility in how much, when and where to give enables employees to fund priorities that they care about.

Technology does have its limitations. It is important to remember that technology is not a substitute for a community investment or engagement strategy. Software can only provide a foundation: help tracking and measuring results, but will not in itself lead to performance.

Join us at the LBG Canada Annual Meeting to discuss the opportunities and limitations of technology in community investment and to hear from technology providers in how their technologies are supporting corporate community investment teams in meeting their business and community goals.