Unleashing the Power of Our People to Save Energy

Unleashing the Power of Our People to Save Energy

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Thursday, September 10, 2015 - 10:00am

In 2012, the Sitio del Niño tissue mill in El Salvador drew the attention of Kimberly-Clark Product Supply leaders from around the world.

In the preceding months, the mill had become famous for delivering a five percent reduction in energy use and $1.5 million in cost savings, all with less than a $0.5 million investment.

The team in Sitio del Niño had good reason to reduce energy use. Energy prices in El Salvador are among the highest in Kimberly-Clark, peaking at $200 per megawatt hour – nearly four times what energy commonly costs in the United States.

Juan Marin, a senior energy engineer on Kimberly-Clark's Global Sustainability Team, spent years evaluating various international standards for energy management. He was "interested and amazed" to see how the team at Sitio del Niño had borrowed best practices from across the company and drawn on the latest industry thinking to create a customized solution. They called it LEAN Energy.

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