UPS Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

UPS Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Drives Value Trough Diversity Initiatives

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.@UPS celebrates diversity and inclusion during Hispanic Heritage Month.
Wednesday, October 7, 2015 - 3:30pm

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From September 15 to October 15, the U.S. celebrates the histories, cultures and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans as part of Hispanic Heritage Month. This annual celebration highlights the importance of embracing different cultures and perspectives, and how doing so builds stronger communities and businesses. UPS’s approach to diversity and inclusion is not only fundamental to its ability to create long-term business and social impact, but also integral to the brand’s history and business model.

Nearly 97 percent of companies acknowledge the need to address diversity and inclusion with formal strategies, according to a Forbes report. But diversity and inclusion is not new to UPS—the organization has long since supported these efforts, starting with its UPS Diversity Steering Council in 1997.

“Embracing a diverse workforce has been a key legacy throughout the history of our company," said Eduardo Martinez, President of The UPS Foundation and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for UPS. “This long-standing commitment to maintain a diverse and inclusive company has strengthened the UPS team of colleagues throughout the world, made UPS an industry innovator and has been instrumental in helping us understand our customers’ unique needs around the world."

At UPS, Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are essential to a successful diversity and inclusion strategy. Currently, these groups represent nine constituencies, including African American, Asian American, Hispanic/Latino, Focus on Abilities, LGBT and Allies, Veterans and Women’s Leadership Development. These associations serve as a forum for UPSers to network with one another, share career and life experiences and support the business through grassroots programs.

The groups are driven by clearly defined missions that define their values and guide activities. Each BRG is supported by an executive leader at UPS to maximize skill development and networking opportunities, and ensure the group is meeting its goals and continues to thrive.

UPS strives to meet the evolving needs of its global workforce by chartering new BRGs that reflect the company’s global footprint. The company recently added BRGs for Millennials and Working Parents. The Millennial group is currently the company’s fastest growing BRG.

For UPS, BRGs are more than just an employee resource. BRGs strengthen the organization by fostering an inclusive environment that encourages diverse thoughts and experiences.


There are currently 85 chartered BRGs in the U.S., spanning all of UPS’s business units. The active and passionate members of these groups drive bottom-line growth by helping UPS develop new relationships. In 2014, the Hispanic/Latino BRG helped UPS secure the role as the designated worldwide transportation and logistics company of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC). This partnership resulted in expanding UPS business to 100 USHCC affiliates and providing transportation incentives for small businesses across the country.

This month, Hispanic/Latino Groups are demonstrating their commitment to leadership and celebrating their culture. The company’s largest Hispanic/Latino Group, Crecer, has several activities planned, including UPS’s sponsorship of the INROADS Visiones Annual Hispanic Heritage Event, 27th Annual Latin Fever Ball and Hispanic Corporate Council of Atlanta’s Annual Forum. UPS will host “The Power of Latina Leadership” at its global headquarters to provide an opportunity for successful Latina executives to share their journey to excellence. Executive panelists will communicate their experiences and the influence of emotional intelligence as it relates to their success. In addition, Crecer will celebrate its members’ culture through a display of artifact items, food, dance demonstrations, photos, videos and speakers throughout the month at UPS locations.

Thanks to a proactive and thoughtful approach to diversity and inclusion, UPS is proving that Crecer, and the rest of the BRGs, are a driving force for better business, engaged employees and resilient communities.

To learn more about how UPS is committed to diversity, visit its 2014 Corporate Sustainability Report.