Transparency Where it Matters Most: A Stakeholder-Driven Sustainability Report

Transparency Where it Matters Most: A Stakeholder-Driven Sustainability Report

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Transparency Where it Matters Most: @Goldcorp_Inc's Stakeholder-Driven Sustainability Report

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015 - 12:00pm

CAMPAIGN: Together, Creating Sustainable Value


From Brent Bergeron, Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability

On June 24, 2015, we published the 2014 Goldcorp Sustainability Report (  We believe transparency is a fundamental component to implementing our vision and our core values. And just as importantly, we believe open communication is critical for fresh ideas to take root, helping us build on past performance, learn from experience and continue to do better moving forward.

Over the course of the last year, we spent time listening to our stakeholders to find out what information mattered most to include in this year’s report. We built on a foundation of nearly ten years of sustainability reporting to produce a report that is responsive to key issues of most interest, provides a new depth of insight into our performance and demonstrates how we’ve integrated sustainability issues with other business drivers.

What’s included in the Report?

Through engagement with stakeholders and an in-depth materiality analysis, we know that our stakeholders expect us to:

  1. Demonstrate our approach to sustainable, responsible mining.
  2. Show how we are mitigating our risks and impacts.
  3. Continue generating superior returns, while improving our transparency in reporting on performance, trends and outcomes.
  4. Be a leader in corporate governance and sustainability.

While we report on a broad range of topics to meet these expectations, this year’s report highlights the following issues of greatest interest to our stakeholders:

  • Business ethics and anti-corruption
  • Corporate compliance
  • Environmental resource management
  • Sustainable benefits for communities
  • Human rights
  • Rights and engagement of Indigenous Peoples
  • Land acquisition, resettlement, and compensation
  • Workforce Safety and Health
  • Water management
  • Waste and hazardous material management

What's new this year?

The report features four new components:

1) Improved information on strategy and management approaches: We discuss our material topics in light of global trends and issues, to help readers understand the “bigger picture” of how our business is affected by global sustainability trends and how we’re responding to these issues.

2) Expanded sustainability targets:  A key component to the success of those strategies is a clear vision for where we are going. For several years, we have provided year-on-year data so that readers can compare performance and see how we are growing. For the first time, we have included sustainability targets and reported on our progress toward them. They can be found in the Management Approach - Evaluating Performance section of each of our reporting sections.

3) Synthesized achievements and challenges faced during the reporting period: Since transparency is so important to building the trust of our stakeholders, we included a new section that speaks about Goldcorp’s sustainability challenges (and successes), and what we are doing about them. While we are proud of our success to date, we know we can always do better and this section provides more insight into the issues we are facing and where we are headed.

4) Improvements in formatting: Different readers access information in different ways. This year we have three formats to accommodate the many ways people access information. We produced the full report as an interactive microsite for easy, searchable browsing on topics of interest. In addition, this year we also included a full-length PDF (available online here), and a concise, printed summary version of the report. To request a copy of the printed summary report, email

The bottom line

In his Message from the CEO, Chuck Jeannes notes the importance of validating our reporting through stakeholder engagement. Because issues are constantly evolving, our materiality assessment process is ongoing. We will continue to look for new, innovative ways to improve the relevance, accessibility and transparency of our sustainability reporting. As we progress toward our vision of Together, Creating Sustainable Value, we will report on our achievements and our challenges on the way.

We hope you enjoy the report, and as always, we welcome your feedback.