Advancing Indigenous Women Leaders

Mar 7, 2019 6:20 AM ET

At Goldcorp, we are proud to have developed a longstanding relationship with Carleton University and launched the University’s Advancing Women in Leadership Program (AWLP) in 2014. In 2018, we built on this relationship with a sponsorship to increase the participation of Indigenous community and business leaders in the program.

The AWLP program focuses on advancing women with insight and skills to navigate fundamental decision-making structures, to lead change and step firmly into the business arena. Goldcorp will sponsor four Indigenous women per year over the next 5 years, to attend this dynamic leadership program.

Clare Beckton, Executive in Residence at Carleton’s Centre for Research and Education on Women and Work-Advancing Women in Leadership, said of the University’s long-term relationship with Goldcorp, “We believe the partnership is so important both to give Indigenous women leaders an opportunity to participate in the advancing women in leadership program and to enable all participants to share learning across cultures, which is so important in Canada.”

Women bring a diverse set of qualities to management positions and provide a different voice and perspective. Working with Indigenous communities and groups, we are committed to making AWLP more accessible to Indigenous leaders, and create employment and business opportunities for communities, encourage economic independence and entrepreneurship, and ensure operations are sensitive to local cultural and social practices.

Following her completion of the AWLP in 2018, sponsored participant Jenn Harper said, “Last week was absolutely incredible.  Aside from feeling empowered by the other attendees and their passion for their positions, careers and teams they lead, I have left with tools that will help grow and scale my business.  I have the confidence to do this!”

A significant number of women from Goldcorp have also completed the AWLP course, as subsequent training for manager and director-level leaders after taking our Creating Choices and Growing Choices programs, which offer development opportunities and coaching and were created for women, but also encourage male enrollment. Since the launch of the first Creating Choices program in 2010, more than 2000 Goldcorp women have graduated from the programs, developed to promote education and to assist women in progressing their careers within the organization through education, skill training and mentorship.

Anna Tudela, VP, Diversity, Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Secretary said, “We are diligent in our efforts at Goldcorp to attract and retain the best talent and we are excited to offer promising women – not only at our company but in our communities – real avenues for development and growth.”