Timberland Is Helping Rebuild Haiti’s Cotton Industry

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Timberland Is Helping Rebuild Haiti’s Cotton Industry

Can using blockchain to verify cotton as organic help revive the industry in Haiti?
[Photo: Thomas Noreille / SFA]

[Photo: Thomas Noreille / SFA]

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 12:15pm

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By Ben Schiller

Haiti hasn’t grown cotton in decades. Its once-abundant industry collapsed in the 1970s due to government corruption, economic mismanagement, and U.S. embargoes. But now, thanks to a project involving thousands of smallholder farmers, apparel brands like Timberland, and a blockchain network, it could be set for a comeback. Within a few years, if all goes to plan, the island will be supplying millions of pounds of organic cotton for shoes, shirts, and other clothing sold in U.S. stores.

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