TWC Raises Environmental Awareness With Invasive Species Search

TWC Raises Environmental Awareness With Invasive Species Search

TWC employee volunteers had a great time at the Invasive Species search events

TWC employee volunteers collected specimens in local rivers and streams

The key to successfully protecting rivers is detecting invasive species early

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Thursday, September 17, 2015 - 10:00am

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Time Warner Cable is committed to raising environmental awareness, using fewer natural resources and generating less waste in our business through initiatives that we collectively call "Go Green".

Additionally, TWC’s employees recognize the importance of environmental issues. They are involved in the company’s Go Green efforts through local employee Green Teams with a focus on increasing environmental awareness among employees, finding opportunities to improve operational efficiency, and promoting environmental sustainability in our communities.

One of our most active groups is the TWC Wisconsin Green Team, which has already taken part in five major events in 2015!

The Wisconsin Green Team and TWC’s Community Investment Team partnered with the Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance for the organization’s invasive species search events on Saturday, August 29 in Appleton and Green Bay, WI.

Wisconsin's rivers are vulnerable to invasion by a number of invasive species from Eurasian water-milfoil to Japanese knotweed. The key to successfully protecting rivers is detecting invasives early when it may still be possible to isolate or eradicate them.

At the search events, TWC employee volunteers traversed local rivers and streams, keeping their eyes peeled for invasive species, photographing suspicious plants and animals, collecting specimens, verifying the specimens and sharing their findings. I liked that this was a unique volunteer opportunity - our employees were able to give back to the local community while at the same time getting to experience a beautiful Wisconsin summer afternoon.

At the end of the day, these events were a big success. Employee volunteerism was strong, as 17 TWC employees came out to lend a helping hand, and the focus on protecting the local Green Bay & Appleton environments was a great fit with Time Warner Cable’s Go Green initiative.


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