Weekly Highlights September 10, 2015 Weekly Highlights September 10, 2015 Weekly Highlights September 10, 2015
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Monday, September 14, 2015 - 11:25am

There are legions of experts and scientists focusing on climate change, and discussing their views on the root causes (of polar caps melting at an alarming pace, oceans steadily warming and seas rising, serious droughts increasing, super storms, and more dire results of global warming).

There are also CC and GW "deniers," especially some folks in industry and the public sector, who for their own various reasons debunk the notion that actions of humankind are behind the warming of the planet.   We can expect that somewhere in the broadening debate leading up to the 2016 U.S. presidential campaigning we'll see climate change as an issue, with pro and con positions articulated by candidates and their supporters.

What about the financial impact related to global warming -- who is weighing in on that aspect, and what could influence will the cost of the planet warming be to our human society?  America's third largest bank has focused on these issues and offered up a report for our consideration.  Citi Group's "Citi Global Perspective & Solutions" unit examined two scenarios -- the cost/benefits of taking "action" or choosing "inaction" -- do we move toward a low-carbon economy or not -- and what would be the financial consequences of each choice.

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