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Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - 9:00am

A Report Fresh Out of Davos Conference: 
The Ways to Find Opportunities In Ventures Related
to Global Sustainability - Issues Needing to be Addressed

Every year the global leaders in the corporate sector, public sector, social sector, entertainment, and other spheres of society gather in the snowy city of Davos, Switzerland, to debate big ideas, examine trends, suggest courses of action...and of course, of course, do deals!

At this year's gathering a new report was circulated to participants:  "The Global Opportunity Report 2015," developed by Monday Morning Global Institute (a Norway think tank); Norway certification group DNV LG; and UN Global Compact (UNGC). The report contained results of a survey of 5,000 public and private sector leaders and 200 sustainability experts in 8 countries.

In it's coverage, The Guardian newspaper titled the effort -- "From Water to Weather, Where to Make Money Sustainably."  Three of the five top responses to the survey dealt with water issues.  Other issues: extreme weather and better early warning and forecasting services; rural growth initiatives to s-l-o-w migration to cities; and mobile technologies to reduce chronic health conditions.  You can read The Guardian reportage on the Davos-circulated  report in our top story.  Find your sustainability business opportunities!

Top Story of the Week

From water to weather: where to make money sustainably  
(Wednesday - January 21, 2015)
Source: The Guardian - As leaders meet in Davos, a new report highlights 15 sustainable business opportunities that find profit in solving global problems (more coverage of Davos)

Sustainability in Focus

Bringing Sustainability to Small-Town America
(Friday - January 23, 2015)
Source: Huff Post - In my writing I frequently celebrate leadership in community sustainability from such progressive, highly urbanized metro areas as Portland, Seattle, and Philadelphia, and even from more sprawling locales such as Los Angeles...

Hot Sustainability Management Trends for 2015
(Friday - January 23, 2015) Associated Profiles : Verdantix
Source:  Environmental Leader - To understand the key sustainability management trends that will impact businesses in 2015, Verdantix assessed regulations, innovations, competitive dynamics and corporate strategies around...

Sustainability: Green or Mean
(Friday - January 23, 2015) Associated Profiles : World Water Week
Source:  Business Today - He then moved on to sustainability advisory, where he worked with 35 textile units and three Swedish brands to project manage Program SWAR, which was recognized at the world water week in 2013...

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