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Tuesday, January 20, 2015 - 3:35pm

Recent Research Conducted by the Governance & Accountability Institute Attempts to Answer Important Questions for Company Management

In the months of October, November and December each week we will be releasing the top 10 GRI sustainability aspects from three different sectors. The results are based on G&A's "Sustainability - What Matters?" analysis of 1,246 sustainability reports, across 35 sectors, for their level of disclosure around 84 GRI Performance Indicators, and 37 GRI Aspects.

The next three Top 10 GRI Sustainability Aspects released are for the Waste Management and Water Utilities sectors. We list them here for your ease of access.

Top 10 GRI Sustainability Aspects for the Waste Management Sector
Sustainability – What Matters in the Waste Management Sector? 

Top 10 GRI Sustainability Aspects for the Water Utilities Sector
Sustainability – What Matters in theWater Utilities Sector?

Top Story of the Week

Attention Boards & CEOs: The Conference Board Has Important Insights to Share To Help Your Company…Survive and Succeed!   
(Thursday, January 5, 2015)
Source: Hank Boerner – Chairman, G&A Institute The Conference Board is one of the most prestigious and important (for corporate managements) of our membership business associations, as well as credible research think tank on management issues and topics. The Board has long had corporate governance in focus and has been a major factor in helping to advance effective, responsive, accountable governance in the USA. The Conference Board was one of the early organizations serving boards, C-suite and key functional managers to expand the governance research and advisory services to include social and environmental issues & topics: ESG is on the of the agenda for many aspects of Board operations.

13 Sustainability Trends for 2015      
(Thursday - January 08, 2015)
Source: Just Means - 2015 will be a critical year for the progression of sustainability movements. As the United States prepares for a Presidential election in 2016, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) disseminates their Fifth.

Sustainability in Focus

GRI investigates sustainability reporting future      
(Friday - January 09, 2015) Associated Profiles : UN - Global Reporting Initiative GRI
Source: - The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has launched a new project aimed at promoting and improving discussions on sustainability reporting and disclosures. As part of the Reporting...

Challenges In Effective Sustainability Reporting; 2015 And Beyond      
(Friday - January 09, 2015)
Source: CSRWire - As 2015 kicks off a New Year and new planning cycle for the gathering of data to support corporate reporting on ethical and sustainable business practices it is worth taking a few moments to reflect on key issues from 2014 and...

Hershey on fast track to achieving cocoa sustainability goal      
(Friday - January 09, 2015)
Source: - The Hershey Co. said 30% of all the cocoa it sourced globally in 2014 was independently certified and verified, putting the company on the fast track to achieving its goal of sourcing 100% of its cocoa supply from certified and...

Four reasons why Americans are stumped on sustainability       
(Thursday - January 08, 2015)
Source: The Guardian - A recent survey by Domtar and Taylor Nelson Sofres Global found that most Americans care about sustainability but are confused about specifics..

This is just a sample of some of the articles from this weeks SustainabilityHQ Highlights.  You can view the full Highlights by using the following links. Sustainability | ESG, Highlights for the Week of January 14, 2015