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Thursday, August 27, 2015 - 10:00am

There is spirited debate in the corporate community and among capital market players:  Is global warming occurring...what are the causes (if so)...and can anything be done by the private sector and governments to mitigate the effects if our planet is heating up?  The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) was careful in reminding corporate boards a few years ago to pay closer attention to downside "risk," and upside opportunities related to climate change.  In specific terms, "global warming" was not included in the staff interpretation to corporate issuers.

Other organizations can be much less politically correct -- and more strident in the "warnings" -- like the Union of Concerned Scientists (USC), which looks to put the issue in more familiar (and anxiety-raising) terms. Like, for example, as the USC believes, the Ellis Island national park in New York Harbor at some point being underwater. Or the glorious glaciers in Glacier National Park (USA) virtually disappearing.  (Citing there were 125 glaciers there a century ago; now there are 25 or so.)

The Union of Concerned Scientists has a report out now on "National Landmarks at Risk" -- you can read highlights at:

Blogger Pallavia Thakur posted a video interpretation of the USC's "top 10" prominent landmarks that the UCS identified in the report.

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