Sustainability Conference Drives Innovation and Idea-Sharing Among Top Established Companies and Start-ups in Monterey, CA from June 7-10

Sustainability Conference Drives Innovation and Idea-Sharing Among Top Established Companies and Start-ups in Monterey, CA from June 7-10

Brands and Start-ups Showcase New Campaigns and Sustainability Report Findings
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#Sustainability Conf Drives Innovation & Idea-Sharing Among Top Established Co. & Start-ups 6/7-10 Monterey #SB10
Wednesday, June 9, 2010 - 12:00pm

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(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) MONTEREY, Calif., June 9, 2010 - Sustainable Brands 2010 (SB ’10) serves as a communications platform for both global brands and local start-ups to showcase the latest in green business trends, products and company-wide sustainability initiatives. From rethinking the marketing of reusable bags to exploring the psychological drivers of a sustainable purchase, the conference builds an environment of collaboration, discovery and transformation. 

The following company launches and in-depth survey findings are representative of the wide array of innovation and creative thinking emerging from the sustainability conference of the year:
The Roberts Worldview Assessment: Examining Value Lenses and Thinking Styles to Connect with Target Demographics (Thursday, June 10 from 12:30-12:45pm, Steinbeck Forum)
John Marshall Roberts “The Roberts Worldview Assessment” can assist qualified professionals in two areas: transformational leadership development and consumer insights/marketing research.
For transformational leadership development, the RWA provides an incisive evaluation of a person’s communication preferences across a wide spectrum of values and social attitudes. For consumer insights, individual RWA psychometric data is rolled into a group-level report. By overcoming the or short-sightedness of conventional demographics-based thinking, the RWA data helps marketers increase market share and inspire new brand zealots, online and off.

Replenish Bottling

Replenish is a dynamic new company committed to creating smart, innovative products for happier homes and a healthier planet. Of the 60 billion pounds of plastic discarded annually, only seven percent is recycled. Replenish believes recycling is just a start – re-use must be the ultimate goal. Real sustainability can best be achieved by creating better-made products designed to be re-used as well as recycled, thus keeping billions of pounds of plastic and chemicals out of landfills, oceans and air, while reducing greenhouse gases. 
To achieve this, Replenish is pioneering a patented, concentrate delivery system that will transform the way household liquids are packaged and consumed. The company’s flagship product, which will be available later this year, is an eco-friendly, all-purpose household cleaner in a reusable bottle that makes concentrates easier to use, is safer for the environment and saves money for consumers and retailers. For more information visit
SIP Program
Wine lovers who want to “drink green” will find more sustainable choices at wine shops as the Sustainability In Practice certification program, known as SIP™, announces new wineries that have adopted the SIP™ “Gold Standard” in third-party certification programs for wine.   Consumers will find sustainable wines identified by the Sustainability In Practice seal or notice on wineries such as Carmel Road, Zocker, Hahn, Paragon, Pomar Junction, Hilliard Bruce and Robert Hall, among others. For updates as new wines are released, visit
The Sustainability in Practice SIP™ Certification program provides a way for vineyards statewide to verify their attention to integrated farming practices through a commitment to environmental stewardship, equitable treatment of employees and economic viability. The SIP™ seal is often found on the back label of a wine bottle, providing assurance that the wine has been crafted not just for flavorful enjoyment, but with concern for the environment, and stewardship in the community.
Blue Avocado (Finalist in the Sustainable Brands 2010 Innovation Open Competition)
Women-owned lifestyle products company BlueAvocado has issued its first 2009 Sustainability Report, a comprehensive look at the company’s environmental and social impact covering its first full fiscal year in business. Launched in November 2008, BlueAvocado offers lifestyle products that inspire people to easily reduce their environmental impact in style. 
The 13-page report acknowledges and follows to the best of its ability as a privately held company the standards set by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), arguably the world's most credible and trusted framework for corporate responsibility and sustainability reporting. The report focuses on key impact metrics related to: company and vision, product innovation, supply chain, stakeholder community and addresses sustainability goals for 2010.
RecycleMatch (Tuesday, June 8 from 12:15-12:30pm,Steinbeck Forum)
Brooke Betts Farrell, Co-founder of RecycleMatch, will be speaking about how companies can use waste as a resource at Sustainable Brands 2010. Zero Waste initiatives have become increasingly popular among leading sustainability-focused companies, particularly after Wal-Mart has set goals for their supply chain. But the real strategic risks and opportunities can be obscured when we fail to fully define the meaning of zero waste. Brooke’s presentation will provide her unique perspective and case studies on how working together as an ecosystem, businesses can increase the impact exponentially.
RecycleMatch has quickly gained customers as well as broad interest among the sustainability, tech and entrepreneurship circles. RecycleMatch was recently named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s “100 Brilliant Ideas” list, as well as Opportunity Green’s “Twenty-five most Innovative Green Start-ups”.
Life Technologies Corporation’s “re:sponsibility” Campaign
Life Technologies is a global biotechnology tools company dedicated to improving the human condition. The company’s recent environmental “re:sponsibility” campaign conveys Life Technologies’ commitment to extending “reuse, reduce, and recycle” and bringing sustainable solutions into practice to offer greener product alternatives. The campaign and associated “re:” symbol will help customers identify and choose products that have green features.
In early 2010, Life Technologies was included in the Bloomberg-Maplecroft Climate Innovation Index as one of the 100 top performing companies on carbon management and environmental innovation.
About Sustainable Brands Conference
Widely reputed to be the most compelling sustainability conference of the year, Sustainable Brands 2010 will convene more than 800 brand leaders, top executives from the global brands leading sustainable innovation today, all types of designers participating in this global shift, and an unprecedented list of others. Speakers and sessions provide inspiration, techniques and best practices as economic realities, corporate responsibility and the environment come together to create a new strategic business imperative. Registration is open and seating is limited:
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