Special Report – Sustainability Finance: The Unstoppable Train

Special Report – Sustainability Finance: The Unstoppable Train

by Reynard Loki
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Hits on ESG data have doubled each year on average on @BloombergNews. Read more: http://3bl.me/rvaeav via @CSRwire #SustainableFinance

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Reynard Loki covers news about sustainability and CSR.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - 12:30pm

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Final part of a special three part Sustainability Finance Report


At Bloomberg, the demand for ESG is clear: Hits on ESG data have doubled each year on average. Unique ESG users—there are currently about 10,000—are growing at an average annual rate of about 40 percent and includes both mainstream and specialist professionals.

"Our users cut across finance, business, services, academia and other areas with the buy-side accounting for the majority of ESG users," said Suki.

"The inclusion of ESG information on platforms such as Bloomberg is yet another positive indication of the mainstreaming of sustainability in capital markets," said Michael Jantzi, CEO of Sustainalytics, in a press release in May announcing the availability of the company's ESG research data to the more than 320,000 Bloomberg Professional service subscribers. "Having corporate ESG performance data housed alongside more traditional financial information allows investors to more easily integrate ESG factors into their fundamental analysis."{4}

"Our fixed income integration effort comes on the heels of about five years of building our ESG databases, integrating that data into mainstream financial and portfolio analysis functions and building models in Excel specifically for ESG analysis," said Suki.

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Reynard Loki covers news about sustainability and CSR. He has written about social innovation, social enterprise, business ethics, ethical consumerism, animal rights and sustainable finance. A co-founder of MomenTech, a New York-based experimental production studio, he maintains the blog 13.7 Billion Years and is a contributing author to Biomes and Ecosystems (Salem Press, 2013), a comprehensive reference encyclopedia of the Earth's key biological and geographic classifications. He is a member of Farm Sanctuary, Sea Shepherd, Global Ethics Network and the Food & Water Watch Special Blog Outreach Unit.


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